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Making your baby's formula just became a lot easier! Jippli™ scoops are specially sized and allow you to make the exact amount of baby formula you need. 3 easy-to-use sizes that include 2oz, 1oz, and 1/2oz to take the guesswork out of preparing your baby’s bottle. They help reduce the risk of over and under feeding your baby. Each scoop has clear marks that help you measure 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of a scoop when a full scoop isn't needed. These baby formula scoops are dishwasher safe to make them a breeze to clean. They are durable and feature long handles so you can hold and reuse them comfortably even in the long run. Our baby milk powder scoops are transparent and made using safe & durable materials without relying on any BPA or harsh chemicals. Scoops are sized at 8.7g per 2oz of water which is the same size as most major baby formula brands!

Baby Formula Dispensing Scoops for Infants & Newborns; Easily make 2oz, 1oz or 1

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