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Tired of a burp cloth falling off your shoulder or moving out of place? This happened nearly every night with us! Well, we’ve found a solution with our adjustable burpy cloth. Our Burpy Cloths are not only made from 100% soft Muslin Cotton, they also cover more of your upper body than typical burp cloths to ensure you and your baby are protected! With 3 snap-on buttons, you can adjust it to fit any neck size. We all want to protect our tiny bundle of joy at such a young age, and this burp cloth is amazing and protects you and your baby in many ways!


  •  Keeps baby burp residue and drool away from your clothes.
  • Provides a soft & cozy cloth for your baby to rest on while being held.
  • Protects baby from rough clothing, perfumes and sweat. 
  • Provides privacy while breast feeding.


Our Burpy Cloth is soft and safe for your baby’s delicate skin, and no other burp cloth provides better coverage! Use our Burpy Cloth with confidence knowing that you and your baby are protected!


How to Use:

Position the cloth as needed to cover the shoulder, chest, and/or upper back area. Secure the cloth around the neck by buttoning the neck piece together at a comfortable location with the snap on buttons. It's that easy!

Burpy Cloths 2-Pack, 100% Cotton Muslin, Extended Coverage for Max Protection

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